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tough to watch. >>> new jersey governor, chris christie, is now making big headlines for candid talk about his health and his weight. is it all part of his ramp-up for a possible presidential run? abc's dan harris has been tracking all of that. dan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chris christie is coy about whether he's running for president in 2016. but he's taking some very public steps to deal with what, fairly or not, could be a major campaign issue. it was a brilliant sight gag. chris christie, sitting across from david letterman, who has lampooned the governor for his weight. and pulling out a doughnut. >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> reporter: but the next day, the governor making clear he takes this issue seriously. >> of course, i care about it. and i'm making the best effort i can. sometimes i'm successful. and other times i'm not. and sometimes periods of great success are followed by periods of great failure. >> reporter: the spectacle of a male politician repeatedly having to address his looks, the way hillary clinton dealt with talk of her
to new jersey governor chris christie speaking out for the third time this week about his weight. he's been funny at times. serious, too. but this time, christie was plain angry. lashing out at president clinton's white house doctor. dan harris has the story. >> she must be a genius. >> reporter: chris christie lampooning the former white house doctor, connie mariano who raised fear on cnn that the governor's weight makes him a ticking time bomb. >> i worry about him. >> my 12-year-old son comes to me and says, are you going to die? if she wants to get to a plane and come to new jersey and examine me, i'll have a conversation with her about that. until that time, she should shut up. >> reporter: dr. mariano fired back in a statement. it doesn't take a physician to look at him and observe he is overweight. it is sad that he cannot take my advice. and instead, chose to attack me personally. but some doctors we spoke with agreed with the governor. when you look at him, do you think he's a ticking time bomb? >> i think it's really very judgmental to have a strong conviction when you have
with more. >> reporter: when christy looks in the mirror, she still sees the weight she put on when she was pregnant with her infant son, wes. >> this would be the area that i'm not sure about now. >> reporter: priscilla says she sees a tummy that's not flat enough. and julie says she wishes she had a smaller bottom half. >> i'm pear-shaped. i'm always trying to hide that area. >> reporter: the solution to all these women's body image worries isn't this. or even this. believe it or not, it's this. what she calls a miracle dress. >> our dresses are designed to make a woman look about ten pounds thinner, one size smaller. shani is a fashion designer, whose new line of dresses features shapewear sewn right in the dresses. >> no lumps. no bumps. >> reporter: the dresses are selling like hotcakes. that doesn't surprise this stylist. >> as long as women want to look flawless, this trend is not going anywhere. >> reporter: but can a dress really make a woman look and feel ten pounds lighter and one size smaller? we decided to find out. with the help of six women, sizes 2 to 16. frock number on
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)